What People Say About FNORTM
  • tiff

    Tiffany (Crossfit Competitor and Triathlete)


    I suffered from months of knee pain and shin splints symptoms before being exposed to the FNOR treatment approach.  I had consulted sports specialists, physical therapy and chiropractor with no success – they all could not seem to find out what was wrong and no treatment gave me relief.  My pain would occur within minutes of beginning my run.  Despite going through therapy, it continued to get worse where it began to occur during lifting sessions and non-running activities.  Through FNOR, I realized that my nervous system was working against me.  It took a single FNOR treatment to rid me of my shin splints symptoms (for good).  While my knee pain was 80% better on the first treatment, took only a couple more to 100% eliminate it.  I cannot explain how brilliant this treatment is – so fast and so effective.

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