Course Cancellation Policy

Live Course Cancellation Policy: All Cancellations must be made within 60 days from the date of purchase to be eligible for a refund. Cancellations made less 30 calendar days prior to the course start date will not receive a full refund. All cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the course start date will be refunded, minus a $350 cancellation fee. Cancellations made within 10 days of a course are not eligible for a refund but fees already paid may be applied to a future course within 12 calendar months of the course that is being canceled (minus a $350 cancellation fee).

Online Courses are subject to cancellation policies on a case-by-case basis (i.e. cancellation policies for online courses will be stated at the point of registration.)

Please note that travel arrangements should not be made until confirmation that registration in a course has been received and approved to avoid change fees. While every reasonable effort is made to hold courses as advertised, FNOR reserves the right to cancel any course date to accommodate for unexpected occurrences. Upon registration for a course, course registrants assume all responsibility and agree to hold FNOR and its course sponsors harmless for any expenses that might be incurred for changes in travel arrangements resulting from any course changes or unexpected events.

Are any clinical research projects underway FNORTM?

Yes. A number of clinical research studies are currently underway, incl. a number of randomized-controlled clinical trials, exploring various elements of the FNORTM system. If you would like to submit your study proposal or report your results with the FNOR system, please feel free to contact us today and our team would be more than happy to support your efforts.

Is this program available on DVD, live-stream or on-demand.

The FNORTM course series is not currently available on DVD, live-stream or on-demand. There are no plans to present the course in this format due to the heavy, hands-on emphasis in each course that is difficult to convey outside of the class/seminar format.

Can I take one class and apply it, or do I need to take them all?

Professionals are welcome to audit classes, taking one or more without taking the entire program. Taking one course is not an obligation to take more. A specialist may choose to take one course on a topic they wish to improve on in their clinical skillset (this is particularly true of the regionally-based, FNOR I-III courses.)

How do I become FNOR certified?

By taking all 6 courses in the foundational FNOR program, professionals are eligible for certification by practical and written examination. The certification exam is included in the FNOR VI course.

Do I have to take all the classes in order?

No. While we encourage you to take the classes in order (i.e. I-VI), this is not required. For some individuals, taking the course in order is not possible. We are happy to accommodate your schedule. You are also welcome to take the course in other locations.

Do you offer discounts for multiple practitioners from the same clinic?

Yes! We offer a discount for members of the same practice attending each course. We actually encourage assistive staff (e.g. PTA, OTA, ATC, CA) to attend with supervisors to facilitate integration of the FNORTM system into a clinic.

How is this course different from other rehab courses?

The primary differentiators of the FNORTM approach to other current physical rehabilitation courses are:

1) Neuroscience-dominant foundation – the FNORTM approach to healthcare is based on the belief that optimal orthopedic rehabilitation (i.e. rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury and pain) cannot be conducted independent of the nervous system. The FNORTM approach involves a range of therapies aimed at boosting constructive, adaptive changes in the nervous system, which reduce pain and accelerate recovery and performance.

2) Integrative Clinical Approach – The FNORTM approach draws on multiple disciplines (e.g. physical therapy, medicine, pain management, chiropractic, rehabilitative nursing, psychology, neuroscience) and is directed by an interdisciplinary team of practitioners with varied backgrounds and skillsets. The outcome is a highly-practical program that is applicable across a range of healthcare settings.

3) High-yield Pain Treatment Strategies – Effective treatment of pain in its various manifestations is a priority of the FNORTM system. The system is characterized by a range of highly effective, innovative, non-invasive pain treatment strategies.

4) Varied Range of Clinical Tools and Skills – The FNORTM program includes instruction in a range of tools to affect soft-tissue, joint mobility, joint stability, endurance, brain function, pain physiology, cognition and behavior. As a result, the typical FNORTM course is a fast-paced, application rich presentation on a range of topics rather than a single element.

Who can take the FNOR program?

The FNORTM can be attended by any healthcare professional (incl. PT, DPT, OT, DC, MD, DO, PhD) in a rehabilitation-related field. Ancillary staff involved in assisting in the rehabilitation environment can also attend (e.g. rehab assistants attending with their supervisors to ensure optimal integration of the system.)

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