The FNORTM certification

A Symbol of Competence in Current, Integrative Rehabilitation

tretment The FNORTM certification demonstrates proficiency in modern, musculoskeletal rehabilitation. While the FNORTM practitioner is competent in the rehabilitation of each region of the body, additional training in specific neurorehabilitation techniques, offers the FNORTM rehabilitation specialist, tools and methods to bring about profound changes in peripheral and central nervous state in parallel with changes in musculoskeletal function.

The FNORTM certification is offered to professional healthcare providers (PT, DPT, DC, FNP, MD, and DO) who demonstrate competence in the FNORTM method by testing following 150 hours of practical, clinical instruction. These 150 hours can be obtained by completion of 6 x 25 hour courses in FNORTM. FNORTM training is also available to other health and performance professionals.

The FNORTM program is constantly evolving as new information emerges in the clinical sciences. As a measure to promote a high standard among certified practitioners, hours accumulated toward certification must have been obtained within the preceding two years before examination.

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