Strategic Partners

 Getting Great things done together!
  • Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies

    FNORTM courses are presented in collaboration with the world-renowned, Carrick Institute (USA). The institute is well-known for originating the field of Functional Neurology. Along with ongoing research efforts, the Institute also hosts a number of exciting courses in vestibular rehab, rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury and human performance, to name a few.

  • ProloGel

    Based on recent discoveries in neuroscience, ProloGel is a unique product range of therapeutic and sports application topicals with unparalleled performance, as an adjunct to pain and orthopedic rehabilitation techniques. Users consistently report outstanding improvements in pain treatment outcomes with the addition of this product to their care approach.

  • erepsonline

    ereps is a superb tool for the evidenced-based practitioner. The application houses a range of evidence-based outcomes tools, which makes the ereps an outstanding tool for field research and for documenting outcomes with universally accepted scales and measures. Ereps also offer a growing library of rehabilitation exercises which can be easily administered to patients and tracked by specialists through a simple online system. Ereps hosts an FNORTM specific database of applications, which greatly facilitates the implementation of FNORTM techniques.

  • Spark Motion

    One of the greatest challenges in performance and rehabilitation is capturing dysfunction as it occurs. In the past, rehab specialists would have to extrapolate likely function from a series of clinical test – modern technology closes the gap between clinical testing and actual performance. Spark Motion is a superb tool for analyzing real motion in the environment that is most relevant to the client. The application has a number of great tools for breaking down movement as well as storing observations in a HIPAA compliant cloud, affording the clinician a superb environment for collaboration and outcomes tracking.

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